An albums worth of “haven’t I heard this before somewhere?”. Nope, that’s just the collective awesomeness of a lifetimes listening, fizzing to the top and being committed to tape.


Pennied Days opens with “Carl Sagan,” the album’s premiere single that picks up where Foxygen’s “Coulda Been My Love” left off in 2014.

Night Moves’ success in warming up and cracking open emotionally shows a new embrace of major chord classics. “Hiding In The Melody” and “Leave Your Light On” call upon dad-radio crooners like Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Bob Seger; the latter’s “Night Moves” just so happens to be the band’s namesake.

These aren’t the broody, mushroom-tripped guys. They’re the velvet prom night guys, the band scratching through the diner speaker, and they work it to artistic ecstasy.”