Song of the Day

Ryan Adams covers Taylor Swift‘s Wildest Dreams.

Been swatting for the Ryan Adams gig coming up this Saturday night at the Civic, and have been wearing the ones and zeros off this stream, from Ryan Adams‘ anomalous cover album of Taylor Swift‘s 1989.

I’d never thought to consider Swift might be any more that another pop-product off the conveyor belt. But so good is this track, I was compelled to find Swift’s original version, to hear what must be her commensurate genius. Rather, what I found was that her version is the rough and shitty stone, Adam’s is the Oyster, and his reconstruction is the pearl. This version is wringing with with his unmistakable signature. It must take quite an ear to pick the potential in this quasi-electronic pop-house drek, and something even more special to reconstruct it so completely as to have utterly inverted it’s shitness. I’ll never doubt my estimation of pop chippies again.


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