PAAC Pavement Top 10

Not to be outdone, we submit the following PAAC Pavement Top 10 for your delectation.

You will note the absence of a tenth track:

You could call it a cop out, but I can’t for the life of me distill out a tenth from the plethora of sublime tracks. I could submit any and all of the remaining tracks from the supreme Brighten the Corners, for instance…

You could call it an inclusive gesture – fill in the tenth with your own selection – there’s always someones favorite missing from a ‘catch-all’ playlist, a vacant tenth spot could rectify that…

Enjoy, how could you not?

Aficionados will note the inclusion of TWO Spiral Stairs tracks in Kennel District and Date With Ikea – Intentional and unabashed, but unbiased – Spiral Stairs own back catalogue is disappointing, but when couched in the Pavement oeuvre his contribution is irrepressible. If only  he could have provided the equilibrium to Malkmus outside of Pavement as for instance Lockett Pundt is to Bradford Cox… Outstanding alone, superhuman combined

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