TAD – INHALER (1993)

Tad InhalerThis week or so has been punctuated by a daily grunge assault in the form of Tad’s third album, Inhaler. By 1993 grunge was well underway, and Tad, named after big fat lead singer Tad Doyle, was one of the myriad unsung pioneers of the genre. On Inhaler, Tad demonstrate a tightness and clarity that could be seen to represent the Sabbath end of the grunge spectrum, as opposed to the shambolic garage punk ethos of many of their peers. Thats not to say they weren’t dirty rotten grungers – in this nuggety video for Greasebox Tad brings to mind a sweaty cross between Meatloaf and Rob Zombie. Their style is a sometimes sluggish metal that would complete a Helmet / Melvins triangle, but they are capable of a lot of energy, evidenced in the likes of Leafy Incline or Paregoric. 

Truly, the whole thing is worth a repeated bash, a quality recording for its era and setting that’s as rewarding under the headset as it is full boring out of the hi-fi.

Also, check out that super-shitty album cover, how nineties is that? Choice bro.


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