you_can_have_what_you_want-papercutsI can have what I want? Thats great, and such a coincidence, because what I want, is this record.

So whats up with these high skool kid geniuses coming across old 4 tracks and becoming recording wizards? This is Papercuts third album, and with it, I think Bay Area boy wonder Jason Robert Quever has ‘cracked it. ‘It’ being a valve tube amplified plunge into a woozy vintage underworld, that one reviewer has labelled “subtle, warm, and unpretentious”. In fact, if you picture that that water on the album cover is warm, yup that pretty much sums up the record.

And in keeping with the album art, so much of this record conveys a feeling of immense depth and weight, but that somehow at the same time it’s administering the appropriate dosage of anasthetic to keep you aware but unanxious.

The gauzy reverb recalls tourmates Beach House, while You Can’s… lyrics establish a vibe of its own: There’s a weird Space Odyssey sci-fi undertone that permeates swooning Velvet Underground trips and sixites jangles alike, evidenced throughout…

“We lost all contact now, and our instruments are down”

“Don’t be scared, put your fears aside and strap on the electodes”

“We’re light years from our home, and we’re never going back there again.”

Its this depth of craft and consideration that makes You Can Have What You Want a quick grower that rewards repeat listening, and even better, doesn’t punish remorseless thrashing.


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