cloud nothingsThis record is a smash attack of lo-fi clang and clamour. Hard to believe all this noise was created by one man, Dylan Baldi, alone in his parents basement.

Its a killer recipe. I find his subsequent efforts with posher equipment and more manpower to have lost the crackle of this original.

Straight out of the gate, Turning On peels open with Can’t Stay Awake, and slaps you with what you can pretty much expect for the next half an hour. At least until loping porch front ditty Strummin, which can barely hold itself together as it restructures into a Voomesque mantra about his baby been gone fo’ fourteen years… 

Immediately afterwards Baldi shifts gears back to frenetic on My Little Raygun and I am Rooftop, two extremely abrasive yet supremely hooky emblems that push a piano down the steps of this highly addcitive record.

Ignite a house party with this record tonight.

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