Astro Coastsurfer blood is the debut from West Palm Beach, Florida outfit Surfer Blood, and they make surf music that doesn’t sound like surf music.  Its sunny, and makes me want to party like its the Blue Album. Tonnes of clang, and echoey vocals that bring to mind  The Shins.  On top of that, when have you ever heard of a band coming from West Palm Beach, Florida?

If you tried getting a party into full swing with single Swim, it would take about two point five seconds before the room were mosh bouncing themselves through the wall unit.

The only low spot probably wouldn’t bother anyone else, but Take It Easy grates with the “eclectic” of the most pinballing moments that Bombay Bicycle Club irritate with – fortunatley, as with BBC, its a one off, and from here, the rest of the album just escalates up to the fucking awesomeness of the left-right-left Slow Jambroni, Anchorage and Catholic Pagan at the finish.

Initially I thought this record would prove a little light on substance, but I keep coming back for more. Its just a shame we’re in autumn, because this would be the summer album to end all summer albums.

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