fatherjohnmistyGive away all your possesions, don your non-gender-specific linen robe and join me in the Cult of Father John Misty.

Josh Tillman, his for realsies name,  is a former Fleet Fox, so you can as you can imagine he’s got a sweet-as voice, and on Fear Fun he breaks it out in a fair few more guises than the straight up folk of his former band. This variety is what rewards and elicits repeat listening, and keeps it from becoming a mood or occassion record.

He woos us from among cardboard cutout clouds and swirly string sections on Nancy From Now On, hoes down in Justin Townes Earle stomp  I’m Writing a Novel , invokes White Album twang on This is Sally Hatchett and wails and moans We’ll You Can Do It from the back of a saloon.

Great variety with great unity, this is a real album album. Solid from start to throat lumpening  finisher Every Man Needs a Companion, Fear Fun has it all, including the much coverted, much awarded PAAC Best Album Cover of All Time gong.

One comment

  1. noisynoodle · May 6, 2013

    Fear Fun was one of my favourite albums of last year, Josh is such an amusing lyricist!

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