Superb listening.

Beach House creates music that is dark, dreamy, and alluringly hypnotic.”

Baltimore duo on Sub-Pop, sounds like the best bits from the Drive soundtrack. Superficially, not unlike the XX, but frankly, shits all over them. If you like the likes of Real Estate or Wye Oak, ayyyyee. Teen Dream and Bloom are their third and fifth records respectively. You might have seen them at the Aotea Square Laneways that afternoon. Bliss.

(Side note, do yourself a favour and don’t check out any of their video clips. They look like they were made by the untalented, bi-polar, film student younger brother of one of them, who figured he could ‘break-out’ by piggy backing on their success with his mesmerising Lynchian ‘art-works’. Completely incompatible with the sound of the band. Like when the stereo is on, and MTV is on mute. Anyway, avoid)

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