If Grooveshark was meth, I’d have a bit part in Breaking Bad.

This week I’ve come across some new stuff, and dug up some old stuff – including a pearler B-side by Pavement, some gooey centred nougat from Beach House‘s new one, Laneways Festival practice from my new favourite band ever The Men, some Creation-esque nineties-licious shoegazing from Ride and a grubby little workout from Ultramega OK (officially the most Ultramega OK album name ever) and a wallop to the solar plexus from Down‘s Phil Anselmo and Co. Not to mention ‘blisters on my fingers’ soul rock from gravel and whiskey gargling Reigning Sound, and XX trumping atmospherics from Baltimore duo Wye Oak‘s debut.

Wrap your listening gear around THIS.

(note – if it doesn’t cue properly, try refreshing the page a couple of times – like meth, Grooveshark isn’t 100% pure)

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