Real Estate – Days (2011)

Last Thursday night at the Kings Arms, the PAAC were treated to an aural neck massage as New Jersey three piece Real Estate, touring their sophmore effort Days, served up their jangly atmospheric jangles.

The first time I heard Real Estate was in the car. The b were playing Green Aisles, and the hazy melodies were immediately intoxicating. Of course I didn’t know it was Real Estate, or the name of the song, because in typical, infuriating fashion, the DJ didn’t tell me. Regardless, with a sound like that, we were bound on a collision course, an lo and behold who should turn up with “a band I think you’d quite like” but she of the mix.

Days is immediately lovable. I haven’t felt this way about an album since The Stillseses Logic Will Break Your Heart. The sighing, echoy vocals lend Days a spatial quality that in my minds eye looks like a foggy wood. Perhaps a lot less lamely, C summed it up alternately as “Like riding a bicycle with a basket on the front.” In any event, Days is equally suited to a rainy day on the couch or outstretched in the sun with a beer. It superbly manages a duality of simultaneous cheer and gloom without succumbing to that most tired and overdone theme, melancholy.

As my go-to album review site has it: Days’ manicured ennui presents one partly cloudy song after anotherexpress[ing] its feigned indifference with riffs and rhythms worn at a jaunty angle.” And jangly jangles.


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