Nick’s Mix (2011)

Welcome to the inaugural post of the all new format, blogulated, drumroll…

ALBUM of the WEEK.

And what more appropriate album to launch the website, than a compilation, put together by my very own sister, made for me.

Nick’s Mix is beautifully crafted, thoughtfully compiled and meticulously arranged. The curtain raises on Nick’s Mix to the stirring strings of PAAC stamp approved Andrew Bird’s Heretics before kicking into second with Josh Ritter’s foot-stamping ho-down To the Dogs or Whoever.

The beauty of this mix, and a quality signature of the author are the seamless, shameless and timless insertions of oldies, here exemplared with The Kink’s Sunny Afternoon. Indeed, Sunny Afternoon is the first of several thematic threads celebrating summer (release being Christmas 2011), not least of all being the classic It’s Summertime from The Flaming Lips. In skilled appreciation of her target audience, Nick’s Mix features ’90’s gems from Ash, Spiritualised, The Breeders, even a Smashing Pumpkin’s B-side, not to mention some Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

But its not all oldies and classics here, and Nick’s Mix is kept fresh and engaging with new material from contemporary bands Wooden Shjips, Real Estate and Girls.  And like all the finest home-made compilations, Nick’s Mix is enriched with quality artwork – the cover features an old photo of the siblings, conferring presumably on correct bike-washing methodology, complete with that bastion of intermediate school, Bubble Writing. The inlay image was taken much later and (expertly photoshopped – especially for a first timer – to remove Richard) deftly closes the loop on a shared youth-to-grown-upness, mirroring the aural slideshow of memories compiled within.

I often think that the best part of making compilations for people, is that eventually, they come back to you.

Listen to Nick’s Mix for free, here on Grooveshark.


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